Bryson West
Artist Name: Balistic
Hometown: Nashville,TN
Status: Minister, Graphic Designer, Producer, Artist, Speaker
D.O.B: 8/1/86
Description: My passion is to use the gifts and talents given by God in helping to advance the kingdom. I seek to spark a flame of passion and desire into all that I come into contact with and let others witness and experience the love and heart of the father.

Travis Angus
Artist Name: Proof
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Status: Ordained Minister
Gospel Rapper, Producer
D.O.B: 08/11/80
Believer in Christ, Minister in “BOUT THAT LIFE”, A movement focused on reaching the Lost and encouraging the believers in Christ thru music and real life witnessing and fellowship. My Purpose is to reach and save the lost with the same message that reached and saved me, Christ Crucified!
Tywon Perkins
Artist Name: Nevavoid
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Status: Ordained Minister, Activist, Gospel Rapper, Producer, Motivational Speaker
D.O.B: 7/9/82
Description: My focus is to reach the unreachable, the lost and encouraging the believers in Christ through music and real life witnessing and fellowship. My purpose is to reach and sow seeds with the same love and message that drew me to Christ.
“This is my commandment that ye love one another, as I have loved you.” John 15:12 kjv

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Antonio French
Artist Name: King Antonio
Hometown: Nashville, TN
D.O.B: 9/5/80
Status: Minister, Teacher, Videographer, Youth Speaker, Artist
Description: My mission is to convert the minds of our people by reaching them in a way that they understand, to help them to understand their purpose in Jesus Christ and why they should fulfill that purpose.
Artist Name: K.D.V.
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Status: Minister, Hip Hop Artist, Producer, Sound Engineer, Videographer, Realtor with Keller Williams Hendersonville
D.O.B: 8/27/1987
Description: Former underground secular artist, turned gospel. Submitted to Christ in 2013. Influenced by late cousin Johnathan Gibbs to do music for God in 2015. Began doing videography work in 2018. Entire mission is to lead souls to Christ through his outlets and gifts given by God, and bless those with resources to further their vision.
Michael Breedlove Jr.
Artist Name: Gus Tha Rev
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Status: Pastor, Gospel Rapper, Mentor
D.O.B. 10/02/1989
Youngest member of Bout That Life. My goal is to win souls back to God. My aim is to target young people since its the music is whats killing our young people.

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